Elegant Luxury Bathroom Traditional Design

01 Feb

Relaxing Romantic Bathroom Design

Reconstruction, however, did not require complicated: Divisions plumbing gave to exploit. There had to be their.Bathroom is similar in style to the entire apartment. Such “modern retro” as it determines the owner. She had a problem with choosing the most appropriate thing for you. One was certain – the floor is to be.Fell on teak wood, resistant to moisture and.Tiles created a unique mood. Elegance Tenderness Bathroom

Contemporary Practical Comfort Bathroom

The rest had to be simple, but.Came from Spain – a small beveled plate, which over a hundred years are on the walls of a Paris Metro station. Their Snow White stressed the wood on the floor and chrome fittings. Trendy colors of lavender on the walls gives the room intimate nature, but when the fashion changes, the color of the walls and accessories – as well. Bathroom time will become the new face and not get tired quickly. Elegant Bathrooms Simple Interior Design

Elegant Modern Bathroom Design

Apartment in a building from the 50s though small, is bright and spacious. It looks like this now, after a general renovation. We had to change everything except the bathroom. But her owners have spent most of.Była flat in good condition – lined with white glaze, tile enclosed bath with the same color. Still fit sink, and beside it was a place for washing, and toilet Part of the wall above the bathtub he was a big gas stove. In total, a lot of places, but the bathroom seemed to be tight. Elegant Luxury Bathroom Contemporary Design

Simple Modern Bathroom Design

The owners had two objectives: to enlarge the space and hide ugly.Small, poorly utilized, giving the impression of narrowness and lack of consistency in the layout.Devices were not old or worn out specifically, but old-fashioned, quite matched.Wires inside the stove did not they added.Subordinated to decisive action: washing machine into the kitchen and bath to be thrown away, the furnace into the corner. Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Idea

Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Decoration

Everything else was gone and the bathroom walls and concrete floor. The side wall has been moved so as to hide behind an overhead toilet installation. With him on the top does not have the pipes. Gas stove, he found a new place on the w.c. is now less visible. Built it into the wall with plasterboard. Ms. architect advised that in all the rooms – the bathroom, hall and an open kitchen – on the floor lay the same large rectangles beżowokremowego tiles. Exclusive Bathroom Contemporary Design

Stylish Wooden Bathroom Cabinets Area

The apartment is small, so they chose bright, warm colors. Established a large area with no thresholds. Color floor decided to choose the color on the wall. Those in the bathroom are lined with small, beige, glass mosaics on a grid (2×2 cm). Looks the same route around the bathroom walls, white belt width of 30 cm. Flexible substrate mosaic plinth it possible to finish the shower.

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