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01 Feb


Super Elegant Bathroom in Magenta Color-light purple shades are undeniably pleasant and markedly tender

A man tending to the pleasures, wants to get in the bath to relax and unwind. To create the necessary atmosphere to be present in the flowers and greenish blue. Dimensions of the room is not too big around – cleanliness and comfort. All this is intended to induce feelings of peace and tranquility. Design Bathroom Luxury Decoration Ideas

Fresh Bathroom Design in Yellow-color of the sun and life-giving light

Space and sea themes are very relevant in this bathroom, and will contribute to a repetition of the situation. To enhance the effect, you can resort to the paint from the reflector (phosphors), the use of which in combination with UV light recreate the painting the starry sky. Conventional lamps will illuminate the sky blue ceiling, and should turn on the backlight – and the stars shine overhead. Different Asian Style Bathroom Design

Wonderful Bathroom Interior in Brown-creates a sense of cozy home, comfort and convenience

Another option to create a mood of relaxation – execution-style beach holidays. Faded white in composition with the blue used in the bathrooms in the Mediterranean. Stress seems to help tile deep blue color. The floor is paved with mosaics of contrasting hues at the introduction to which is signaled by a message: I deny the power, I’m above that. Different Bathroom Interior Design Hotel Type

Stylish Bathroom Design in Red-feeling of warmth

Blue – the color of peace and serenity. For people who prefer a smooth and uniform throughout life, avoid stress and inconvenience of blue hues the most appropriate. Psychological studies show that when the blue color returns to normal blood pressure, respiratory rate decreases, there comes a calm. Courage, and sometimes nervousness recede, the body goes into a phase of relaxation and rest. In addition, the blue color activates the memory, helps to cope with the distraction and forgetfulness, and the predominance of blue in the room bathrooms normalizes intestinal activity. Different Collections Bathroom in Classical and Modern Style

Bath in Shades of Green-Green is associated with nature

Blue and light blue color symbolizes the carefree attitude, openness and friendliness. And still evoke a sense of stability and comfort, but does not contribute to the concentration of thought and concentration. Blue as it pushes the space that removes the psychological boundaries and calls for calm expression of emotions. These properties are blue beneficial for small spaces, because visually expand the space. In pale blue entourage easy to come to terms with himself, and still good to dream. Different Bathroom Interior Design Hotel Type

Stilish Bathroom Interior Design Geen,which has a calming effect on humans

People who want all to find and enjoy, approve and green, which eliminates the accumulated negativity, calms and helps focus on important issues. Green tints pushed back by another plan other colors, neutralizing their effects on the emotional background of the person. For the body it is useful and physically: cleans vascular spasm, normalizes the state of the capillaries, reduces blood pressure. Recommended for those suffering from cardiovascular and nervous diseases.

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Colors in The Bathroom

April 13th, 2011
Modern Bathroom – Interior Design From Italy  

Bathroom Interior Design in Green with Kids Decoration Frog

Bathroom – it’s soft, subdued light, heat, water … peace and tranquility. It is these feelings lead us to the origins of his own, namely, to birth. Therefore, the statement about the re-birth, much closer to the truth than might initially seem. Maroccan Bathroom Ideas

Bath in Gentle Tones

From a psychological point of view of the birth process has on a person of great influence, often determining its nature and the further course of life. Birth can be divided into four stages: the pleasure and relaxation, the onset of labor, the passage through the birth canal, the appearance of the light. Luxury Beautiful Stylish Bathroom Interior

Super Elegant Bathroon in Red Fiery Magic

The first stage – the fruit still resides in the womb, where he was so warm and cozy. In the second stage in the comfortable existence burst anxiety and excitement. The third stage involves amplification of unpleasant experiences, challenges and hope that is almost here and relieved the situation has improved. Italian Style Bathroom Design

Unique Bathroom Design a Combined White and Blue with Beautiful Chandelier

In the fourth stage awaits stress in contact with an entirely new world, taking turns long-awaited freedom. There is a perception that the temperament of a person is caused by just one stage of his birth, most vividly seared into his subconscious. Fresh Collection From Luxurious Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design in Soft Colors

The first type consists of people who prefer the pleasures and difficulties of those who hate and fight. To the second belong to those who succumb to adversity, lost by any change in the environment, and this is constantly experiencing depression. The third type is an active, combat-minded people who are always up to something fighting. Fresh Collection Bathroom Designs

Stylish Elegant Bathroom From Blue Mosaic-As the color of sky and water is a symbol of purity, peace, peace, perseverance

And finally, the fourth – purposeful nature, accustomed to seek their own, to bring follow through and get pleasure from it.
For each of the psychological need to consider certain types of interior design bathroom.

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