Modern bedroom furniture and design

01 Feb

Modern and luxury bed and cabinet

A lovely bouquet of flowers gently placed in the corner or a vase on my desk makeup will make your bedroom more romantic and more subtle. There are many flowers to choose from such as roses, immortal, flat flower … However, you should not plug too many flower lest it will take away your oxygen and air. 

Bright bedroom with stripped carpet

Also a little trick that you can put a small bottle of essential oil was open in the corner bedroom, the scent will gently spread, provides a feeling of love filled the room.Water spray should choose the room and smell the fragrance of natural and cool. These scents can relieve stress and make your time together the couple becomes sweeter. 

Dark bedroom with shiny furniture

Music can create emotions in the bedroom, but it can also break if emotions are not appropriate music. Please select the category that you and your spouse both feel comfortable. You can put a pretty small speakers placed in the bedroom. 

Bright bedroom with big windows

So the music becomes gentle and melodic, speakers should be placed in locations away from beds and selected audio help moderate the air in the room more sweeter, and forget to turn the music associated with memories of the two. 

Big low bed with low bedside tables

Relaxing with nature around will create romance to your bedroom, therefore, do not hesitate to open the door wider so that you have a garden. But also to note one thing: the bedroom is always a place of your privacy. 

Wooden bed , cabinets and bedside table

Decorate your bedroom luxurious and impressive hotel bedroom. To create the impression of elegance to your bedroom, use of wood furniture with classic scents. Or you can also use furniture design modern, but is emphasized by the classic details.

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Modern and stylish bedroom design

April 6th, 2011

Bright bedroom with big low bed and blue carpet

Special attention must be focused on the room size, height style decorating your room. If you’re in the process of selection of decorating ideas for the bed and hope the above tips will be helpful for your reference. Wish you success. Every age has its own bedroom design. 

Bed in bedroom with wooden furniture

Teen bedroom designs how to fit the age, interests, and may encourage the holistic development of children? When designing bedrooms for teenagers to consider the following four basic elements. 

Big white bed in modern luxury bedroom

Noting the color choices consistent with gender, preferences, and feng shui. The bedroom wall paint is the best and most effective way to change the color of the room with the cheapest cost. Most of the world you want to show teens personality through the color of the room.   

Modern bedroom with purple walls and floor and black and white furniture

Interior space with lively golden color, brilliant and bring a significant attraction. Yellow is the color of the sun’s warmth is associated with feelings of happiness and luxury. Yellow increases the excitement and mental ability to operate. However, when color is used excessively will bring a feeling of discomfort and inhibition, causing adverse effects to your child’s personality. 

Bright green bedroom with single bed

With the kids quiet and introverted bias, preferred a quiet life, less volatile, the furniture in the room should not be too picky, but should be simplified. Cream always feeling nice and relaxed even be used in any space in any home. With bedroom and then this effect has been promoted.

Luxury bedroom in black and white

Cabinet is very important for children, as they always have many items to store. This not only helps children have a habit of orderliness, but also help them cabinets decoration preferences and their own creative ability. The room dedicated to the girl and sophisticated personality.

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