Stylish and modern dark bedrooms

01 Feb

Black bedroom with white bed

Absolutely avoid painting the entire space, furniture in the room bright red, causing the feeling frustrated, depressed. When using color in the bedroom space, you should use light paint colors, not too bright, warm but consistent with the interests of the employer. 

Dark bedroom with big bed and armchair

Use the flute blinds or curtains to prevent light to hide the dark bedroom to make you more easily fall asleep faster. Lamp should be light yellow light to create a warm space. Hanging pictures mark the memories of the employer to create warmth to the soul in retrospect. 

Bedroom with bedside tables and lamps

Decorative flower vases, perfume or scented candle wax mild, sweet to create a totally relaxing for mind and body. To minimize the electrical, electronics such as TVs, music players, computers … Let bedroom is actually resting place, totally relaxed and not multifunctional room cum entertainment or work. 

Black luxury bedroom

One bedroom modern style entrance through a garden. Beton walls and ceilings painted with smooth highlight the unique architecture of the ceiling. Number of fixtures in the room not much, but enough to create a beautiful overall identity.

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